The UCMAS Mental Math program trains students to quickly and accurately solve problems without the aid of a calculator or any other aid such as pencil and paper. UCMAS focuses on Auditory & Visual learning abilities through listening exercises and visual calculations.

The UCMAS program trains children using the Abacus as a tool and Mental Math as a medium. When children use both hands to operate the beads on the abacus, there is quick communication between the hands and the brain that stimulates more brain engagement. The program does not teach them with ready answers, in-fact it trains the child to find out of the box solutions by improving their critical thinking and motoring functions. And this is proven to raise confidence and esteem of the practicing student.

Our training method differs greatly from traditional mathematics. Just because your child struggles with math at school Does not mean he/she Would not do well at UCMAS. On the contrary, some of the most successful students have been those who had previously found math difficult. If a student is dedicated to the program, receives strong parental support and encouragement, and persists through the initial training period, dramatic improvement in math & overall academics is guaranteed. This is confirmed by the many testimonials by UCMAS parents and kids.

Absolutely! A student who has already demonstrated advanced ability in mathematics will still benefit greatly from learning the Abacus method. UCMAS graduates learn new techniques and better understand how calculations work, enabling them to do their work faster and more accurately. That is powerful knowledge to take forward into secondary school and beyond. Plus, the whole brain development and life skills UCMAS fosters will help your child excel in any subject.

Not at all. In fact, the UCMAS program, at all times, is designed to help the students. A UCMAS child would be able to verify the answers using his or her mental math skills. Also, the program is an afterschool program and imparts the skill at a consistent and steady speed, which ensures that students can attend regular school schedule without any disturbance. However, the primary point to be understood is that UCMAS is a cognitive skills development program which enhances skills like Concentration, Observation, Memory, Imagination, Focus, etc. which will be a huge help to students in their academic performance.

The result of the UCMAS Mental Math program is not confined to arithmetic, performance, skills and competency only. The concept of thinking in pictures leads to better understanding and enhanced memory, which is the paramount for all academic studies. Thus, the results of this program can be witnessed in all subjects or areas of focus” meaning reading, sport, etc.

UCMAS is a cognitive skills development program which encompasses the three learning styles in its program delivery. The various components of UCMAS viz. Abacus, Flash Cards, Listening Exercises, etc. incorporates the three-learning style-Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetics/Tactile. UCMAS program singularly develops and enhances multiple mental faculties of a child, with a focus on whole brain development.

Yes. UCMAS is considered to be the only global Abacus and Mental Math academy that has been extensively researched upon by universities from across the world. Some of the reputed universities are: University of California, San Diego, Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Chicago, & Massachusetts Institute of Technology-from the USA. University of Manchester, & University of Ulster, Northern Ireland-from the UK, and University of Khartoum, Sudan, besides Shiraz University, Iran.

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